TimeWaver Pro Update Optimizations


TimeWaver pro update and continue with 4 more weeks of optimizations and updated PDFs emailed to you.



This service is remote (no Zoom appointment) and available to clients who have already purchased a TimeWaver Pro session. It is to keep the optimizations flowing for an additional 4 weeks or address a new issue after the initial 4 weeks of optimizations has elapsed. Updated PDFs will be emailed to you.

In that time, you are welcome to text, email or call me to discuss your progress.

Ongoing optimization is great for weight management, addiction or trying to change a habit, mental health or acute situations.

Additional information

Weekly Session

3 Month Subscription:
Weekly Sessions, $100 per session

Bi-Monthly Session

3 Month Subscription:
Bi-monthly Sessions, $150 per session

Monthly Session

3 Month Subscription:
Monthly Session, $200 per session